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Bat Infestations in Covington, GA

Stumbled upon bats in your Covington residence? No stress, Critter Cowboys™ is here to assist! Leading the charge as Covington’s foremost bat removal experts, we’re dedicated to restoring tranquility to your home.

Bat Species of Covington, GA

Covington boasts a range of intriguing bat species:

  • Big Brown Bat: Adaptable to urban environments, it’s frequently seen in Covington households.
  • Mexican Free-tailed Bat: Known to take flight in the twilight, these bats are valuable allies against nighttime pests.

While their ecological contributions are vast, when they nest in our homes, it’s a different story.

Bat Removal with Critter Cowboys™

When you choose us, you can anticipate:

  • Accurate Identification: Pinpointing the species to tailor our removal techniques.
  • Humane Removal: Balancing the well-being of bats with the safety of Covington’s residents.
  • Proactive Prevention: Setting up deterrents to ward off future bat visits and guide them to natural habitats.

Post-removal Cleanup Matters

After our winged friends are relocated, addressing the aftermath is crucial. Leftover guano can pose health risks, such as Histoplasmosis. Plus, the pungent smell and any bat-induced wear and tear need attention.

Ethical Bat Eviction in Covington

With Critter Cowboys®, humane treatment is our mantra. We use advanced equipment that lets bats vacate without harm, simultaneously blocking their reentry. Our efforts are consistently in line with the protection standards set for bats.

Our Commitment to Cleanup and Repair

  • All-around Cleanup: Total guano elimination, ensuring a pristine environment.
  • Home Repairs: From mending minor wear to reinforcing structural areas, we’re here to rejuvenate your space.
  • Complete Sanitization: Making your home not just tidy, but also a safe haven.

Stay Safe Near Bats

Bats are wonderful for our ecosystem, but it’s essential to respect boundaries. Given their potential to harbor diseases like rabies, it’s best to steer clear and be cautious.

Your Assurance with Critter Cowboys™

For unparalleled bat removal, cleanup, and home restoration in Covington, rely on Critter Cowboys™. Call 706-601-3600 today and experience the comfort of a bat-free and rejuvenated home. Keen to learn about our service warranty? We’re here to answer!

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