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Distressed about rodents causing chaos in your property? Worried about the health hazards and structural damage they bring? Look no further. Critter Cowboys® are here to address all your rat-related concerns.

Why Opt for Critter Cowboys™ for Rodent Removal?
Experience: With over 30 years as a family-owned venture, we have an unmatched record in safely managing nuisance wildlife.
Reputation: Our 5-Star customer reviews reflect our unwavering dedication to excellence.
Guarantee: We pledge to tackle your rat problem, ensuring 100% satisfaction.
Affordability: With our no-interest financing offer, now is the best time to take action.

Our Services:
Critter Cowboys™ is your prime choice for comprehensive wildlife control and removal, ensuring your property is free from unwanted critters.

Who We Serve:
From individual homeowners to large businesses, we serve a diverse clientele. Whether you own a small apartment or a sprawling commercial space in Georgia, we’re equipped to meet your wildlife control needs.

Our Process:

  • Inspection:We meticulously examine your property to identify the species, assess the damage, and locate how the creatures are entering.
  • Removal:Using the safest and most efficient methods, we ensure that the nuisance wildlife is removed from your property.
  • Exclusion:We ensure that the animals can’t return by sealing entry points and using deterrents.
  • Restoration:We repair any damage caused and clean up any leftover debris, returning your property to its original state or even better.

The Issue with Rodents:
The presence of rodents is more than just a nuisance:
• Telltale signs include gnaw marks on surfaces, especially in areas like the kitchen, and visible droppings.
• Rodents can compromise structural integrity, gnawing on electrical wires, ventilation ducts, and even areas around pipes.
• They’re carriers of various diseases, including Lassa Fever, Hantavirus, Leptospirosis, and Rat-Bite Fever. Ingesting contaminated food can lead to salmonella, and contact can result in conditions like murine typhus and hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (HPS) – many of which can be severe and even fatal.

Professional Intervention is Essential:
Given the health risks, it’s imperative to let licensed professionals handle rodent infestations. From inspection to complete eradication, trust in the expertise of Critter Cowboys™.

Choose Critter Cowboys™ for Comprehensive Rodent Removal and Prevention
Detect signs of a rodent invasion? Don’t delay. Reach out to us at 706-601-3600 for an immediate, complimentary consultation. Count on Critter Cowboys™ to restore the comfort and safety of your property, whether you’re in a home or a business establishment in Georgia.

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