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Invasive wildlife is a threat to more than just Georgia homeowners, it frequently poses a serious threat to commercial buildings that can quickly become catastrophic. An animal control problem can lead to a full-blown infestation that can result in damages that disrupt business and result in lost revenue, jobs, and public health risks.

Whether you are a property manager or business owner, the certified wildlife removal experts at Critter Cowboys™ can help you. We take your threat seriously and know how to safely and humanely neutralize and eliminate wildlife from your business or organization. We are trained and have the experience to handle large projects in office buildings, municipal buildings, industrial facilities, warehouses, condos, and apartment communities.

Once the creature, be it a rat, raccoon, bird, snake, or bat, has been successfully removed, our team of home and office repair specialists will diligently address the exterior vulnerabilities that allowed these animals to gain access. Additionally, we will systematically repair any interior damage within your facility, ranging from insulation issues to ceiling and roof repairs. Our experts are dedicated to identifying and eliminating the root cause of animal-related damage, ensuring a comprehensive restoration that meets your satisfaction.

We can help with your commercial and municipal animal control needs including:

  • Commercial Rat Removal
  • Commercial Rodent Removal
  • Commercial Raccoon Removal
  • Commercial Squirrel Removal
  • Commercial Bat Removal
  • Commercial Bird Removal
  • Commercial Pest Control Services
  • Commercial Wildlife Management for Property Managers

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